Monday, March 14, 2011

How did you attract/address your audience?

Our audience is aged between 18-30. This movie represents college life therefore it would appeal to a teenage and pre-teen audience as they can relate to  this movie. This movie represents how social groups collide amongst themselves. In Pakistan, serials aired on television are representative of the society and are watched in every home therefore we believed that a movie, which represents local society will be of a great interest to them. 

There have been hardly any movies that represent young teenage from Pakistan and the social issues youngsters here face therefore teenagers may particularly enjoy this as our movie will talk about different people conforming and rebelling against the norms of Pakistani society. In teenage life when we enter college there are different social groups and they vary slightly from place to place. We thought our movie might strike the audience as being different because it depicts eastern society.

Young adults aged 20 onwards may particularly like our movie because it educates and informs the public about issues important to society and therefore more intellectual people will be encouraged to watch this movie too. In our movie we are representing class division amongst males, which is rarely portrayed by the media so more teenage boys and adult may enjoy this movie as they can relate to or distinguish themselves from the existing characters. For example the character who is shown to be more social is very well off and many people may wish to be like him however only  a few people know the cons of being popular or at times the cons are speculative and drastically exaggerated in our film, for example in our society when we see a popular person, we automatically interpret that he is cool and wish to be like him/her. Or someone would automatically presume that since he is rich and well of therefore he is probably also, snobby or pompous. Similarly a depressed person who is a kind of a loner is automatically classified as a loser and therefore no one approaches him. The camera work shown in our film is quite simple and focuses on the characters’ ordinary routine. However we have shown the second character as more imposing than the first.

The Middle aged audience may also enjoy our movie as this will also inform them about what kind of challenges teenage students in Pakistan have to face. Societies evolve as time passes and parents may still be unaware of the difficulties their children face as part of Pakistani college life. Due to traditions and conservative ideologies of most parents, children are usually close mouthed about their individual problems. This will educate parents in Pakistani societies as well about the life of their children in schools and this can be helpful in parenting.

With the survey we conducted we know that our target audience will be attracted by the sound therefore we have kept a sound track that increases and catches the tempo. Since we are representing college life we have kept the font catchy and fashionable. We have kept no dialogues and we have made the title slightly fast paced to hold the attention of the audience. After the viewing of BBC logo, the name of our production house appeared along with the techno music which can grab the attention of the audience. In the last we have shown a split view of two characters getting ready and here audience will be able to differentiate the difference and also anticipate what is to happen next.

We also thought that our movie might attract British audiences as well because like BBC movies it, our film also informs, educates and entertains. There are movies made by BBC such as East is East which talk about eastern cultures and their traditions. So our film does fit with the kinds of films the BBC makes.

Like all drama opening sequence, we made the beginning meaningful to hold the attention of the audience. Our opening sequence consists of two different morning routines and here audience will not only compare but also anticipate of why are both morning routines shown simultaneously. 

The mise en scene we have used also further defines the characters personality and where they currently stand. Hammad is portrayed as a serious, depressed character and his room has simple and plain furnitures whereas Karar's room is far more comfortable and posh. To attract audience we have kept a rich mise en scene for Karar. Karar himself is portrayed as a high class and a popular college going student and young teenage audience will be fascinated with his characters as they will also want to be rich and popular just like him. 

Another aspect we want to show in our movie is how fast we are adapting the western culture. Therefore British audience will be fascinated by a fusion of western and eastern culture amongst college going students. Also the location of our movie is in Karachi and BBC has rarely made movies which have been shot in cities of Pakistani therefore British audience will also be fascinated by the representation of a metropolitan city of Pakistan from a Pakistani film maker's perspective.

Our product will be very different and unique . British cinema's encourage independent films and there are many viewers who watch independent films which have depth in them. Our movie is unique because we are representing totally a different culture, and the location and places we have used are typically found in commonwealth countries such as Pakistan along with the camera work and the sound we have made the opening sequence attention grabbing. 

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