Friday, March 18, 2011

Who would be the audience for your media product?

The audience of our media product is middle aged. We determined this by conducting a survey using survey monkey and we found that more middle aged people preferred movies with in depth meaning rather than elaborated sound effects. So with the survey conducted we now know that our movie will be watched by the middle aged audience as well.

The above survey shows that the teenage audience do watch drama films and they usually see females as a protagonist in those movies. According to our target audience, as this survey was mainly filled by students only, we know that they will watch a drama film if they find a good sound and creativity in them.

Response by teachers on the premier.
After making the first version of our movie we showed it to our target audience i.e teenagers and middle aged audience. In the premiere A levels students aged between 17-18 and teachers were present and after showing the movie to the students, we got mixed responses. Where teachers liked the movie and the found the title quite intellectual, students found the sequence slow and the title confusing nevertheless interesting. Therefore our next survey shows that the drama  sequence where we are representing different social class will be watched by teenagers and adults.

The movie will be more watched by the female teenagers and middle aged as we got more positive responses from females and the teachers who answered our questionnaire were all females. All teachers obviously along with one principal belonged to the AB category of the socio economic model that means that our middle aged audience will be Teachers, Senior managers, Engineers, Doctors etc.

Response received from students on premiere
Response received from teachers on premiere
The women in Pakistan prefer movies which are more educating and entertaining at the same time. Men do not prefer watching drama movies as much as women do here. This is because most women are light workers as they are mostly housewives and they have more time to watch movies and shows at home than men do.

In our final movie we are representing two teenagers and the issues of being classified into different social groups. Therefore we are targeting teenage audience here as we are representing teenagers. Teenagers belong from the E category in the socio-economic model therefore our audience will also include teenagers and unemployed. More female genders will be encouraged to watch drama movies as we received more positive feedback from the girls during the premiere.

According to the graphs in Wikipedia there are 66 percent of males and females between the age group of 15 to 64 (which is our target audience). Our movie represents a Pakistani society which is also similar to the Indian society therefore we feel that more south Asian immigrants living there will be attracted by our movie as they would be fascinated with the social division we represent in our movie.

Source Demography of UK - Wikipedia
This is one of a potential viewer of our movie.

Her name is Sneha Tilwani and she is 23 years old. Currently she is a student doing MBA (Masters in business administration). She lives in Mumbai, India.

She watched television everyday but for 2-3 hours. With her hectic schedule she takes out time to watch movie at least twice a week in cinema or at home. Her all time favorite movies are Shaw shank Redemption, The Matrix, Face off and Munna Bhai MBBS. She would watch drama films only if they are meaningful and entertaining at the same time. One of her favorite drama movie is 'Three Idiots'.

On watching our modified version of the movie she was impressed and found the topic and the whole concept interesting. When she was shown our previous version she still liked it but preferred the later version as she found it more exciting.

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