Sunday, March 13, 2011

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The media institution that might distribute our product is BBC as it chooses to make films that are more meaningful than glamorous. The BBC films company make movies which mostly have depth or a message or represent issues which are important to societies. The BBC is funded by the money of taxpayers living in Britian.

BBC usually makes independent and low budget films which are funded by the UK film council and made by the independent directors.

Movies that the BBC has distributed in the past which are similar to our movie include 'Fish Tank' which represents a rebel and a loner who excels at hip hop dancing. Movie 'An Education' talks about what society was like in 1960 where a girl could easily be charmed by an older and more charismatic man.

BBC is a public service broadcaster which means it makes movies which are educating as well as entertaining. This also means that such distributiin houses wil distribute movies which are meaningful and representative of society issues but  havent been distributed due to less profit or revenue generated. Our movie is not glamorous and will target a niche audience as specialized films usually do.

Therefore we thought that BBC might distribute our media product. BBC has made movie such as West is West which talks about South Asian society and this shows that the British audience might also find some interest in our movie and BBC has been making movies related to this subject, so it makes sense for them to make our movie too. Also our movie represents a Pakistani society and there are places in Britain where Pakistani and Indian immigrants live so our movie will be representative of their culture amongst the teenagers in a modern society while representing two different social groups and the issues created amongst them due to their social classification. Our movie does not only include a meaning but will also entertain the audience as movies made by the BBC tend to be educational and entertaining at the same time. Teenagers living in Britain are from mixed background and ethnicity and the British teenagers can compare or contrast their Pakistani or Indian friends with the characters in our movie and also the Pakistan and Indian teenagers living in Britain can relate or distinguish themselves with the characters in our movie.
Source  Demography of UK - Wikipedia
Source Demography of UK - Wikipedia
Fish tank which also represents a lonely teenager as we do in our movie has a high rating on websites such as Rotten Tomatoes and on IMDB.

The movie An education also represents a teenage and this movie is highly rated as well although the main character was played by a new comer who is now well recognized. Our movie also has new faces the personalities of two characters has been shown interesting as it represents two different people where the loner may categorized as a ‘good guy’ and the socialite may be categorized as the ‘bad guy’ However both end up becoming good friends in the end. The personality of the ‘bad guy’ with his quirky sense of humor and sarcasm can also add an element of lighthearted comedy and may appeal to many teenagers.

The difference between them and how they tackle  it may appeal to the older audiences and the personality of the characters may amuse the teenage audience. 

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