Monday, March 14, 2011

How does your media product represents particular social groups?

Our movie represents the different kinds of  social groups one meets  in college life and in our opening sequence we show the morning routine of two people from two entirely different kinds of social groups. Genrerally In teen films students in college life are categorized into groups such as athletes, geeks, popular, loner etc. We show the first character dressing up looking sad and gloomy and the second person is shown to be more energetic and wealthier. The first character is portrayed as a loner and I suppose he’s somewhat like the character shown in the movie ‘Karthik calling Karthik’. 

 With the facial expressions we try to show that the first character is sad and depressed. This is because he represents the lonely or quiet students of a middle class college. 
His clothers are simple and he dresses up simply which indicate that he is is from a lower class. His clothes also show some light on his personality and we can tell he is passive and compliant. The way he makes his hair messy show that he does not care how he looks like. The mise en scene is very plain and sensible. In the reflection you will see a chair and some notes stuck on a wall which may show that he a serious person and prefers working. This may also mean the he doesn’t prefers socializing as well. He is a teenager who is starting his college and so his age will be 17.

Our other character represents more affluent classes in Pakistani society. Here we try to connote that in comparison to the first character, he is more well off and also more social. However we did not distinguish  their race and ethnicity because the ethnic group is not at issue in our film.  

Another social group that is being represented is teenagers. This movie is basically about two teenagers dressing up for college. The age is represented by using appropriately aged actors.

Our movie is representing two male students and we will be showing the issues teenage college going boys face in life, females are not represented in very much depth. Both characters are approximately the same age, and have the same occupation, but a different social status and entirely different personality types. 

In this opening title the only gender which is represented is male. The  representation of males may be stereotypical but at the same time the contrast between the two characters brings out slightly different potentials for representation.

 Men are rarely shown as weak, quiet and gloomy so here we are presenting a reverse of what is normally presented. In teenage moves, popular and dominating students are shown to have a bigger physique while the loners are smaller in size and are intimidated by the big guy. Here we are following that stereotype of showing popular boys as bigger and intimidating. An example of as such a stereotype is shown in the movie 17 Again.

Alex O Connor from the movie 17 again. He is the intimidated and a loner

Stan in the right from the movie 17 again who bullies around on Alex.  The costume, and expressions differ as they both belong to different social groups

Our representation links in to the target audience as our movie will inform our target audience ( ranging from 18-35 ) about the different kinds of social groups one encounters in college and also about how the things are currently in Pakistani college lives. Teenage audiences will be able to relate to the characters in our movie or compare them to real life people they know.

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